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Порядок подачи статьи

Requirements of Manuscripts Acceptance for the Publication in the Journal

The author can submit the Article for the publication in the journal «Business and Strategies» by means of any convenient method: mail, e-mail or the website of the journal.

To submit the Article for the publication, the Author shall provide to the Editorial office the following list of documents:

  •  Text of the Article

  •  Information on the Author (download)

  •  The letter to the Editorial office (download)

  •  Agreement for the Article posting on the Internet (open)

  •  Abstract in the Russian and English languages

  •  Review

The most convenient way for documents submission is by means of a form for article submission on our website.

The journal is reviewed therefore scientific-theoretical articles are published only in the presence of a positive review. The Author of the Article shall provide a review.

The journal «Business and Strategies» doesn't publish the Author's materials that have been earlier published in other editions, the articles that don’t contain new information in comparison with earlier published researches or contain actual, historical or other mistakes that can't be corrected, and also the articles containing the statements and hypotheses that directly contradict the determined scientific facts. Also the journal doesn’t accept to the publication literary and art, and feature material of any content, information and announcements that don't have a direct bearing on scientific activities, materials containing data that are the state trade secret as it is determined by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and departmental regulations, agreements, materials containing insults, slander or obviously false data concerning citizens and organizations.

Authors of the manuscripts, published in the journal, bear all completeness of responsibility for compliance with the law in the field of author's rights protection, protection of an official and trade secret, for the publication of materials protected by agreements, contracts or other legal documents, and also patents and licenses. Transferring the manuscript to the journal, Authors confirm that the Article wasn't entirely or partly published earlier and not transferred for the publication to other journals.

Submitting the Article to the Editorial board Authors shall provide one copy of the Agreement on Author's right submission to the publisher for the Article publication in the original language (Russian or English) signed by all Authors, agreeing at the same time to the publication on the journal website of the English and Russian version of the Article abstract and Bibliographic references, and after 6 months from the date of the publication the full text version of the Article in the original language.

In case of the Article submission for the publication to the journal Authors are obliged to bear complete responsibility for reliability of  represented materials, to include in the Article the references to prior works, databases and other sources of used information, to specify research financial support sources, to include all the Authors who made a sufficient contribution to the published research and not to include the people who didn’t take part in the research presented to the publication, timely, correctly and in essence respond to notes and recommendations, arising at a stage of text revision and preparation of graphical materials, and also to inform the  Editorial board of the journal about the found mistakes in submitted or published materials, when applicable make adjustments in the Article.